Heatcircle_3Heart Circle

Awaken to your heart intelligence

  • Is there a part in you that is longing to communicate authentically with an open heart to experience more love and joy in your relationships?
  • Is there also another part that is scared of showing the real you, who might be rejected, humiliated or abandoned?

We have entered a new time where an expanded spiritual paradigm is emerging. Instead of ‘working by ourselves’, we are coming together in a safe environment, starting to see clearly the areas where resistance occurs which prevent us open up to love and joy. It takes courage, willingness and trust to open up to others deeply. I invite you to experience skills for standing strong in the present moment and

  • reconnect to the divine through the body, welcome the challenging places within
  • inquire the judgements of your emotional discomfort and defence mechanisms
  • see honestly where you begin to shut down and learn how to open up your heart again
  • express you needs more authentically,
  • reclaim your worth and assert clearer boundaries
  • maintain peace of mind, regardless of what arises,

The miracle of healing occurs through an amplified field of a heart centred resonance of group coherence, where you experience the others as reflective parts of yourself. In being still and present to the sensations within, you become aware of your restrictive programming of not being enough, which gets witnessed, felt, loved, appreciated and resolved together. Defences melt and unclaimed emotions emerge into an open heart of Love, Joy and Oneness. Collective awakening happens in a powerful and profound way.
You will realize, how amazing you really are, how you can unlock your potential, how to take inspired actions and how to live your life compassionate with others around you. It takes you to a different journey and to the contribution you are destine to make..

Rita Cramer

Open group every Wednesday night from 6 – 8.30 pm

at the Medicine Wheel in Byron Bay   Fee:$20

Entrance from the railway car park.



“Rita’s joy, insight and compassion light the room as she guides participants through personal journeys mirrored in the collective. The intelligence of this work is astonishing, as well as experimental and life changing.” (Stephanie Dale Author, Journalist)

“I felt instantly an intimate connection with Rita within the safe space of the group. The power of the group was astonishing; I appreciated the authenticity and simplicity of the workshop. It was extremely transformative, as it brought awareness and shed light on deep embedded patterns and beliefs I was holding on to. I am forever grateful for your work, in its purest simplicity and it goes beyond any personal healing. I have ever experienced.”(Corinne Woodward France)