I came to Rita experiencing an extrem “stuckness” in my career. I am an actor and I didn’t want to be a part of this industry anymore. I felt major blockages around moving forward. Well, after uncovering those blockages Rita was clearing them that very sesson. It was a great experience . I remember walking out feeling light, released and free. About 1 week after the healing I had a bolt of inspiration to write a series I could act in. It burned inside of me ignited a passion so fierce it could not be stopped. I had never written anthing like this before. Since then I have filmed an 8-part web series called “White Lines”. It has been the most exciting 9 months of my professional life and I owe it to you Rita and the clearing work that enabled it to occur.
Jesse, Sydney

Thank you Rita, this was another life changing experience.
Victoria, Melbourne

Rita has understood my pain and my body in a way no-one else has. She has the ability to understand the language of the body/mind and was able to release the pain pattern of my chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Her support, integrity and commitment has been outstanding. I am today a much stronger and healthier woman, functioning well and managing my health.
Elinore, Byron Bay

Rita Cramer lives up to her promise of delivering on next generation teachings. Her joy, insight and compassion light the room as she guides participants through personal journeys mirrored in the collective. The intelligence of this work is astonishing, as well as practical and life changing.
Stephanie Dale

Author & Journalist

Enchanting Experience with Rita!

The instant connection I felt with Rita allowed me to be very open as to why I came to see her. Not only did Rita provide spiritual guidance through the reading of Tarot Cards, she offered words of enlightenment that realigned my faith and reminded me of the importance of the present moment. Rita also offered recommendations for further reading which will help me stay aligned to the now. I can’t thank Rita enough for her guidance.

Jenny McDonald Sydney

I felt I had explored all possible pathways for what felt like an intractable emotionally suppressed way of being. After one session with Rita healing occurred and hope was born.
Rita brings not only training and experience to her integrated healing modality, but soul and life purpose. I felt completely safe, well supported and guided in the session.
Jo, Western Australia

I experienced a very amazing session with Rita and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. It worked miraculous on me in more than one way! Not only did my back feel better than it had in years, I started to love my partner more openly and freely. Our relationship has gone from strength to strength and we are now expecting a child at the end of October. (The conception was sometime around the session with you.) I am happier than I have ever been in my life. Thank you so much Rita, I will never forget you.
Gill, Wortning UK

I had my first Craniosacral Session with Rita at a time when I was extremely fragile. I had just lost my father to suicide. Rita allowed me to confront my fears – my darkest thoughts and emotions – safely, without judgment. I now feel incredibly free, open and at peace. Whatever she did, it was amazing! She is a truly gifted and intuitive healer.
Lara, Sydney

I instantly felt an intimate connection with Rita within the safe space of the group. The power of the group was astonishing, it created a mirror reflection for all the participates to work from – there was no where to hide. I appreciated the authenticity and simplicity of the workshop. It was extremely transformative, as it brought awareness and shed light on deep embedded patterns and beliefs I was holding on to. Thank you Rita I am forever grateful for your work, in its purest simplicity and it goes beyond any personal healing I have ever experienced.
Corinne Woodward

A truly unique and transforming healing experience with Rita

I recently had a healing session with Rita and It is in some ways it is hard to find the words to describe how wonderful the session was. I have tried many therapists over the years and I can honestly say that Rita is the real thing – a truly gifted healer. Rita guided me in releasing the blocks in my body, she was intuitive, gentle and firm when she needed to be. I felt amazing when I left, full of light and full of love. I am so grateful I was able to experience this healing and I will be back for more.
Thank you so much Rita

Rachel Reed, Ocean Shores

Thank you for sharing your insights with such clarity and wisdom.
Indiana, Sydney

I had fallen off my horse and had serious whiplash and a slowly increasing pressure and pain in my neck and behind my left eye. After my first treatment the pressure and pain had gone and at this point, 6 weeks later, has never returned. Rita is a very sensitive healer. I appreciate her sincere and accurate healing knowledge.
Kerelen, Perth

I am ‘over the moon’, as I have not felt that free in YEARS. The hip problem that had bothered me for the last 3 years (I wasn’t able to move or walk properly) is GONE. Also, my energy level has increased and I am able to do physically demanding work that I couldn’t have done in the past. Above all else my breathing has greatly improved. I only have 60% of my breathing capacity due to Asthma and Emphysema but now I am able to breathe deeply which invigorates me mentally and physically. It feels like a re-birth. I just continue to enjoy this state of bliss every minute of the day.
Natalie, Melbourne

A rare gift

I received just what I needed from Rita at the Medicine Wheel. I went for a tarot reading and some energy work, and was so pleased to meet a light worker and healer such as Rita. She immediately sensed the block that was preventing me from moving forward, and she guided me to the answers already within, as well as confirming several events that had recently happened. I’ve had many sessions with many healers, and it is rare to come across someone that is a truly gifted healer, living from the heart, is authentic, gentle yet firm, and connected when working with me. The blocks in my mind, shoulders and throat were cleared by the end of the session. I could feel the connection with Rita and trusted her completely, even though it was uncomfortable for me to face some truths. I wish I lived in Byron to receive regular treatments from her, but I’ll try to get back there as soon as possible!

Janelle Milhaere, NZ