Craniosacral-healing-Byron-BayThe Cranio-Sacral System

is a membranous and hydraulic system which protects and nourishes the brain and the spinal cord and is thus central to the healthy, balanced functioning of our Central Nervous System. This whole system has a very subtle movement, or rhythm. By focussing on this rhythm through sensitive and precise touch, a deep relaxation and an inner awareness occurs.

As you are guided in the present moment to reconnect with the stillness within, you may be confronted with old and painful emotions which have been stored in the body as tension. Through reconnecting with these emotions and releasing them, the associated body pain will be relieved and often resolved. The body’s naturally healthy posture and balance restored itself.

Craniosacral is very helpful in the recovery of past physical or emotional traumas. It works in a profound way to find and dissolve especially cerebral and spinal imbalances that may be causing headache, depression, anxiety, jaw problems, neck, shoulder or back pain.