Awaken to Presence – Healing Byron Bay


Awaken to presence is the healing power to move beyond the identification of your conditioned self and surrender from confusion into Clarity, from fear into Love, from resistance into Openness, from conflict into Peace… into the essence of Self.


During my inner journey, a profound experimental understanding of the “ nature of mind” revealed itself, which was connected with a kundalini awakening. Especially having reached this understanding, I like to assist anyone who wants to reconnect to their inherent healing power towards liberation of Self.

I work with a unique combination of techniques like craniosacral therapy, theta healing, breath work, the power of kundalini and reiki energy. I also use psychic readings to gain insights into the dynamics of your current life situation and your restrictive belief structures.

Whatever happened in your childhood, unreleased emotional pain manifests itself in the body. It becomes triggered over and over again, until it manifests physically if it doesn’t get released.

Whenever emotional pain gets triggered, the nervous system reacts automatically, stress takes over, the mind speeds up, disconnects from the body to avoid an overwhelming feeling of past exsperiences again. This might be connected to a threat of feeling the fear of rejection or even abandonment.

I see my part in being consistently present with you, noticing what is going on in your mind, sensing the emotions in your body and providing a safe environment for you.

You will be gently guided to reconnect consciously with any emotional injuries in the body and invite you to embrace the arising emotions with curiosity and compassion.

In the moment of surrender and resting into the fear, the nervous system deeply relaxes and discharges. Bounded energy collapses.The pain finally let go of you and the dimension of love, happiness, clarity, aliveness, wellbeing… the essence of Self reveals itself again and expands from this place.

This moment feels liberating, like “coming home”. You feel safe in the body again. The mind calms down and you willl realise, how intense the attachment to your memories prevented you to live your life with ease, happiness and clarity.

The possibility to experience this place of love again needs your willingness, your choice to step consciously into the now, into the resistance to feel the discomfort within and reconnect to your breathing.

In this moment your healing power emerges. It is the Turningpoint into the expansion of love and gratitude.

During a session I am using dōTERRA , the world’s purest certified therapeutic grade of essential oils, which supports the healing process in a gentle way.