From the fear based conditioning to the intelligence of your heart

Healing with the frequency of divine energy.

Rita creates a direct connection to the “Angelic Realm”. She uses the vortex energy of divine light, which brings the awareness of infinite consciousness into the physical world, manifesting into the heart. … read more

Craniosacral Healing

The Cranio-Sacral System is a membranous and hydraulic system which protects and nourishes the brain and the spinal cord and is thus central to the healthy, balanced functioning of our Central Nervous System. … read more

Psychic Readings

Rita’s intuition and psychic ability reconnects you with your subconscious mind, which brings past related, restrictive patterns to the surface. … read more

Awaken to Presence – Healing Byron Bay

MY WORK WITH YOU is an invitation to let the incessant dialog of your mind and  the discomfort in your body rest in itself, and experience Love, Peace, Clarity, Joy, Aliveness, Wellbeing… as an inner reconnection to the essence of your deepest nature. The reconnection occurs as a fundamental shift: moving from the fear based identification of your conditioned self into the intelligence of your heart.

I start the healing process with a psychic reading to gain insights about your conscious and subconscious mind. Craniosacral therapy, theta healing, breath work and the vortex energy of divine light facilitate the release of the attachment to your restrictive belief structures and emotional injuries.

I see my part in being consistently present with you, noticing what is going on in your mind, sensing the emotions in your body and providing a safe environment for you. You will be gently guided to reconnect consciously to any discomfort in your body and I invite you to embrace the arising emotions with curiosity and compassion. In the moment of surrender, like resting into the thread of feeling the  fear, the nervous system deeply relaxes and discharges. Bounded energy collapses.The pain finally let go of you and the dimension of Love, Joy, Clarity, Aliveness, Wellbeing… the essence of Self reveals itself again and expands from your heart. It feels like “coming home”, liberated. You feel safe in the body again. The mind calms down and you will realise, how intense the attachment to your memories prevented you to live your life with ease and clarity. The possibility to experience this place of divine Love again needs your choice, the willingness  to stepp consciously into the now, to feel the resistance and to breath into the discomfort. This is the moment when the mystery of healing emerges. The Turningpoint into an expansion of Love, Joy and Gratitude takes place. During a session I am using dōTERRA , the world’s purest certified therapeutic grade of essential oils, which supports the healing process in a gentle way.